When is lying okay essay

Like stated earlier there are some people that believe if the situation permits a lie may be told. Some of these same people believe that it is not necessarily okay to tell a lie, but the right thing to do. There are many different views on lying and other ethical topics. A couple examples of these views are the ones of Immanuel Kant and the utilitarian’s. The first of these views is that of the utilitarian. A utilitarian typically has the view that any action is justified and correct if the action benefits the overall good of others in the situation. Need essay sample on "Lying" ? We will write a custom essay sample specifically for you for only $/page

But there's no fixed rule to this!

This knowledge — after a lot of studying and reading — makes me infinitely more forgiving of people when I catch them in lies. Because I'm honest enough with myself and with life to say: I lie. It's part of life. And who am I to judge? When cornered, the defense mechanisms kick in, and that's when people feel the most pressured to lie, so should I really be surprised when I figure out that someone has lied to me, considering how much everybody (including me) does it?

No. So, while I have guidelines as to when it's appropriate, sometimes the truth is: whenever it's more convenient than dealing with the truth in situations that just need a quick exit.

For me, honesty is the most important value. You can get anything out of this and it’s a hundred time much more preferable to know the truth of anything rather than being betrayed or criticized in your backs. I love to know the truth, if some cloth doesn’t fits me , if I’m acting strange, if I’m being rude, if I’m not doing right, I always prefer to know, so I  can improve or try another way to do something, change my attitude, etc. You can trust someone when you know they’re always honest and they will help you in any way. I value this a lot, and lies are never okay. As a result, we can move ourselves to work if we know what is wrong, and by knowing everyone’s opinion, all these by the great value of honesty.

When is lying okay essay

when is lying okay essay


when is lying okay essaywhen is lying okay essaywhen is lying okay essaywhen is lying okay essay