Virginia pta citizenship essay contest

The library received an appropriation of $5000 to purchase books in the Spring of 1936.  The acting Librarian, Miss Margaret Greenberg, and conducted the Library for nearly a year, but it was felt that additional assistance in selecting and ordering the books to cover the appropriation was necessary.  Technical and shop subjects, social science and English were all included in the order.  Of great assistance was Miss Frances Hankinson, who comes from a family of Staten Island educators and is the daughter of former Assistant Superintendent Dr. Frank Hankinson.  She gave up part of her vacation from the New York Public Library to help in the placement of the order.  Subsequently, Miss Hankinson became the McKee Librarian, as we have seen.

Breakfast is available at our schools at the cost of $. Lunch is available for $ at all elementary, intermediate schools, middle and high schools. The secondary schools also offer several a la carte items such as ice cream. Meal tickets can be purchased with either cash or a check in the school cafeteria from the cafeteria manager or parents can utilize MyPaymentsPlus to manage their child’s meal account. Free and reduced price meal benefits are provided to households who complete a Lunch Application and are determined eligible. The Lunch Applications are given to every student at the beginning of the school year. Applications are available at each school and may be submitted to your school office at any time throughout the school year. 

A specialized admission procedure is required for the PTA program. Students must submit admission materials and meet admissions requirements before their application is considered for review. Application deadline is February 15th for following fall admission. Students may complete as many general education requirements as they wish before going through the application process. If the number of qualified candidates exceeds the number of seats available, admission to the program will be competitive and selective. All candidates must submit an official high school transcript or GED scores and official transcripts from other colleges/universities attended.

Virginia pta citizenship essay contest

virginia pta citizenship essay contest


virginia pta citizenship essay contestvirginia pta citizenship essay contestvirginia pta citizenship essay contestvirginia pta citizenship essay contest