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The extent to which any one is the "largest surviving example" is debated, with numerous qualifications. The Distillery District in Toronto, Ontario contains the largest and best preserved collection of Victorian-era industrial architecture in North America. [ citation needed ] Cabbagetown is the largest and most continuous Victorian residential area in North America. [ citation needed ] Other Toronto Victorian neighbourhoods include The Annex , Parkdale , and Rosedale . In the USA, the South End of Boston is recognized by the National Register of Historic Places as the oldest and largest Victorian neighborhood in the country. [4] [5] Old Louisville in Louisville, Kentucky also claims to be the nation's largest Victorian neighborhood. [6] [7] Richmond, Virginia is home to several large Victorian neighborhoods, the most prominent being The Fan . The Fan district is best known locally as Richmond's largest and most 'European' of Richmond's neighborhoods and nationally as the largest contiguous Victorian neighborhood in the United States. [8] The Old West End neighborhood of Toledo, Ohio is recognized as the largest collection of late Victorian and Edwardian homes in the United States, east of the Mississippi . [9] Summit Avenue in Saint Paul, Minnesota has the longest line of Victorian homes in the country. Over-The-Rhine in Cincinnati, Ohio has the largest collection of early Victorian Italianate architecture in the United States, [10] [11] [12] and is an example of an intact 19th-century urban neighborhood. [13]

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Victorian architecture essays

victorian architecture essays


victorian architecture essaysvictorian architecture essaysvictorian architecture essaysvictorian architecture essays