Thesis title for hrm students

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The airline industry is responsible for the transportation of people, goods and post around the globe (cp. Netzer 1999, p. 18). It is affected by many factors, including war, economic business cycle, and business competition (cp. Wang 2004, p. 455) as well as its traditionally high level of regulation (cp. Vaara/Kleymann/Seristoe 2004, p. 11). It has been characterised as being an extremely competitive, safety-sensitive, service industry [14] (cp. Appelbaum/Fewster 2002, p. 66). These three characteristics of the industry have a large impact on HRM, as will be explained in subsequent paragraphs.

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Thesis title for hrm students

thesis title for hrm students


thesis title for hrm studentsthesis title for hrm studentsthesis title for hrm studentsthesis title for hrm students