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And knowing about words, being word-conscious, that's associated with knowing word meaning, it's associated with comprehension, and it's certainly associated with better writing. Those who can spell well and who learn to spell accurately as a foundational skill are more likely to write longer and better structured compositions as they move into the higher levels of written expression. So spelling is very important. And I'm glad I have a chance to respond to that video, which I had forgotten all about. And I can anticipate a question maybe about invented spelling.

With both the target area and means of production, clear in the teachers mind, the teacher can begin to consider how to involve the students by considering what type of activities are interesting to the students; Are they preparing for something specific such as a holiday or test?, Will they need any of the skills pragmatically? What has been effective in the past? A good way to approach this is by class feedback or brainstorming sessions. By choosing a topic that involves the students the teacher is providing a context within which effective learning on the target area can be undertaken.

Teach writing

teach writing


teach writingteach writingteach writingteach writing