Short activity essay

Diabetes that stays over a period of time can cause other health problems too. Eyes, kidneys and nerves can get damaged and chances of heart stroke are always high. Old age, family history of diabetes, impaired glucose tolerance, prior history of gestational diabetes and physical inactivity are some factors that put an individual on the risk of Type2 diabetes. Men with lower testosterone levels are at higher risk of developing the Type2 diabetes. Auto-immune, genetic and environmental factors play considerable role in the onset of Type 1 diabetes although the risk factors are not clearly defined.

My ties with my native Chinese culture remain as strong as ever. I visit my relatives in Taiwan regularly almost every summer and have traveled throughout China. And to everyone’s continuing surprise, I have yet to forget how to speak Mandarin. Nevertheless, twelve years in America has made its impressions upon me as well. I am as “American” as anyone my age. The songs I listen to, the sports I play, and the way I speak are all a reflection of that. In short, I am a combination of both East and West.

Short activity essay

short activity essay


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