Selected essays on indian economy

The religious traditions of humankind are shown here as circles, each containing a commonly used symbol of that tradition. But this visual image of separate boundaried circles—graphically convenient as it is—is highly misleading, for every religious tradition has grown through the ages in dialogue and historical interaction with others. Christians, Jews, and Muslims have been part of one another’s histories, have shared not only villages and cities, but ideas of God and divine revelation. Hindus, Buddhists, Jains, Muslims, and Sikhs have shared a common cultural milieu in India, while in East Asia the Buddhist, Daoist, and Confucian traditions are not only part of common cultures, but are also part of the complex religious inheritance of families and individuals whose lives are shaped by all three religions. Read full essay »

Competition between existing sellers: - The industry in which McDonalds is categorized is highly a competitive one, as it comprises of a number of fast food companies who can come up with new ideas over the night and take up with the business of their competitors. Therefore McDonalds have done a great job over the years since 1940 by bringing in new products, expansion of their business and remarkably going well with their customer's choice and preference to stay strong and do well in the industry working globally over 120 countries and having more than 32,000 restaurants worldwide.

Shifting from being front and center to an observant spectator, I began to see beyond myself, picking up the art of people-watching. As if placing an invisibility cloak on, I would quietly sink into the blue armchair, discreetly watching peoples’ behavior and interactions with one another. I found myself creating whimsical backstories of circumstance for each passerby, intertwining chance encounters and meaningful exchanges. People-watching not only helped me to become more aware of those around me, was also as an opportunity to explore undiscovered parts of myself.

Selected essays on indian economy

selected essays on indian economy


selected essays on indian economyselected essays on indian economyselected essays on indian economyselected essays on indian economy