Sample computer programming thesis

This example of a computer skills resume will give you an idea about the format of the contents and information to give. Computer skills are essential for almost any job requirement. Therefore some amount of knowledge in computers will be an adding credential in your resume. You can use this as a guide to write a productive resume. Sample Computer Skills Resume Richard Castle 231, Beckett street,
43rd Avenue, Boston,
MA 1236
Home: 00658-21589-98754
Cell: 00125-4587-9685
Email: @

Professional Experience Designation: Team Leader
Organization: Ninja macros Inc., Lord Stantoff lane, New Jersey, NY.
Duration: 4 years
Type of work:

  • Headed a team of 7 people
  • Supervised the Main Frame automation for
  • Helped to create a database automation model for Nicos Inc.
Designation: System analyst
Organization: Tales and Talls Inc., Vivian Margrest lane, New Jersey, NY.
Duration: 2 years
Type of work:
  • Handled 3 projects from IBM Mainframe for Foster Technologies Inc.
  • Revised previous programes to suit the present client need.
  • Co-ordinated a group in developing an automation for NASA.
Designation: Associate Programmer
Organization: Swift Works Software Inc., Violet bottle Lane, Boston, MA.
Duration: 2 years
Type of work:
  • Programmed a part of an automation for Big Walls Insurance
  • Worked in Main frame
  • Assisted the Team leader in a project for Microsoft.
Academic qualifications Graduation in BS (Computer applications) from Bush and Clinton University, Boston, MA 2356. Diploma in Computer programming from Canldlefloss Institute, Boston, MA 2767 Projects Internal working in DCS
No of team members: 3
Roles: Lead Programmer
Created an automation to enable the DCS and the machinery to store the daily data in a backup system. Office process automation: fee deposition
No of team members: 4
Roles: Programmer, analyst and presenter
Created a programe to automate the process of fee collection, transfer and receipt delivery via bank. Computer skills Programming languages: C, C++ (proficient) Database: SQL, Oracle (proficient) Operating systems: Linux, Unix (proficient) Scripting languages: JAVA script (good) Achievements: Awarded the best performer for 2 consecutive years in Ninja Macros Inc. Achieved the goal of revising automations in a short period of time in Tales and Talls Inc. Academic achievements: Was the editor of the college news paper. Organized 'Books and Minds'- a quarterly events in the college - for 3 years. Participated in debates and cultural workshops. Was a professor's assistant on 3rd year Personal details Date of Birth: 15, August, 1982
Marital status: Single
Sex: Male
Nationality: American Personal blogs and websites https://

Languages Known: 1. English
2. French
3. Danish This example provides you with skeleton for your resumes body. Computer skills vary and different skills are required for different jobs. Use this resume as a template to write your resume to suit your area of interest. Contact Us : Privacy Policy

Sample computer programming thesis

sample computer programming thesis


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