Republican democratic essay

After the 2016 elections , Republicans maintained a majority in the Senate , House , Governorships , and elected Donald Trump as President . The Republican Party controls 69 of 99 state legislative chambers in 2017, the most it has held in history, [40] and at least 33 governorships, the most it has held since 1922. [41] The party has total control of government (legislative chambers and governorship) in 25 states, [42] the most since 1952, [43] while the opposing Democratic Party has full control in five states. [44]

This entire premise of your numbers is heavily faulty. You forgot to mention that using the political affliction of the general populace of Blacks and Whites as representative of the political affliction of murderers of those races is highly erroneous. Even if 40% of Whites votes for Democrats in general, it could be 10% of White murderers who vote for Democrat. If it made sense to treat the political demographics of Black/White people in general and Black/White murderers as the same, you might as well treat the political affiliation of the general population as a whole and the political demographics of murderers as the same.

Republican democratic essay

republican democratic essay


republican democratic essayrepublican democratic essayrepublican democratic essayrepublican democratic essay