Phd thesis front cover

Dissertation Bindings come in many styles and style variations depending on the University or College, and sometimes the level of your degree . PhD, BA (Hons), MSc etc...

Many of the Universities or Colleges have strict regulations for the Higher Degrees, but lower Degrees differ according to Course, Department etc...

We can bind to any university regulation!

Your university or college will usually provide you with a binding specification but generally the binding style will fall into one of two categories- hard binding or soft binding, this is not always clear so please have a look at the bindings we offer to best suit your university requirements.

So here’s the deal. I’m a recent PhD graduate and I have been looking for a job for almost 2 years now with no success. From the start, I was looking into industrial positions because I want to get some industrial experience under my belt. I don’t mind going back sometime to academia one day but I don’t want to do it right now. I did all what you outlined above but to no avail. Every time I get interviewed for a position I am told that I was not the best fit (which is a cliche if you ask me) I’d rather get some details as to why and how to improve my skills if I lack some. Even positions where the advertised skills where exactly mine and far from reach from other candidates I have seen, I was still not the best fit (maybe the PhD had to do something with it ? The rest of the people where MSc’s). Even sessional teaching positions I have hard time getting into. Once a deadline for one of these passed and because no one applied but me, they extended the deadline. And I’m guessing they had only two candidates for it and guess whom they chose ? Not me ! haha. You might think that there’s a problem with me given all that but I assure you ask anybody who knows me and they will tell you that I’m competent, likable and personable. The problem for me is what to do now ? It’s easy not to lose hope after 6 months or a year, but 2 years ? Come on, I should have found anything by now. The only job I found was a postdoc with my PhD adviser which he was kind enough to offer me . Now when it’s over in a few months what do I do ? I won’t be able to afford the rent in the near future. I keep hustling but at one point it just become daunting.

Phd thesis front cover

phd thesis front cover


phd thesis front coverphd thesis front coverphd thesis front coverphd thesis front cover