Law coursework referencing

The Swiss International Law School’s LLM prepares students and practitioners from different cultural and legal backgrounds for confident and ethical legal practice in an international commercial environment. The program is completely web based and applies state-of-the-art distance learning techniques that bridge the distance putting students in close contact with faculty, peers and resources. Classes of not more than 20 students are supervised by two course leaders who are experienced professors or senior lecturers. For more information about the SILS LLM please see https:///

For attendance at industry meetings, conventions and other events such as the annual NIGP Forum & Products Exposition, applicants may only claim contact hours at a rate of eight (8) contact hours per day maximum, but only for sessions and workshops that are specific to procurement and include a speaker, instructor, trainer, facilitator or moderator. Example: 1 and 1/2 hours of qualifying instructor-led training/education equals contact hours. Networking, tradeshows, entertainment and social events are excluded and are not applicable for contact hours. This exclusion applies to stand alone events as well as those that are part of larger events such as the annual NIGP Forum & Products Exposition.

Law coursework referencing

law coursework referencing


law coursework referencinglaw coursework referencinglaw coursework referencinglaw coursework referencing