Immigrants essay

China remained the top country of origin for affirmative asylum applications, with 14,000 in 2015; followed by Mexico, with 9,000. More individuals sought affirmative asylum from the Northern Triangle countries of Central America (El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras) in the last three years than the prior 15 years combined. The number of children seeking asylum rose sharply to 26,600 in 2015, the highest level on record (a 112 percent increase from 2014 and a 236 percent increase from 2013). Guatemala and El Salvador accounted for 4,325 and 3,671 child affirmative asylum applications respectively.

Was the Challenger explosion a “normal accident”? In a narrow sense, the answer is no. Unlike what happened at ., its explosion was caused by a single, catastrophic malfunction: the so-called O-rings that were supposed to prevent hot gases from leaking out of the rocket boosters didn’t do their job. But Vaughan argues that the O-ring problem was really just a symptom. The cause of the accident was the culture of NASA, she says, and that culture led to a series of decisions about the Challenger which very much followed the contours of a normal accident.

Immigrants essay

immigrants essay


immigrants essayimmigrants essayimmigrants essayimmigrants essay