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Before Harvard College opted to use a system of randomization to assign living quarters to upperclassmen, students were allowed to list housing preferences, which led to the congregation of like-minded individuals at various Houses. At first, in the 1930s, 1940s and 1950s, Adams was the athletic house; then, during the late 1960s, that reputation changed, and Adams became a center for student activism. Later, under the aegis of Masters Bob and Jana Kiely (1972–1999) Adams became an artistic and literary haven; during this period, Adams also became widely regarded as the most gay-friendly house, in an era before equal rights for people of different sexual orientations were even considered a viable alternative at Harvard. Adams, under the Kielys, was also the first Harvard House to become fully co-ed. [4] Vestiges of that avant-garde reputation still remain today, protected and promoted by the House's current masters, Judy and Sean Palfrey, and embodied in many of the House's unique facilities, including the Pool Theater, a converted swimming pool (a change much lamented by alumni mourning the many late night trysts, water polo matches and other quasi illicit activities that were reputed to have occurred there, like coed nude swimming); the recently restored Coolidge Room (the site of artist Edward Penfield 's famous murals) and the Gold Room, Adams' gilded vestibule to the world. Adams also boasts the Bow and Arrow Printing Press which is located in the former house grill in B entry, and the Adams Art-Space (previously the House's squash courts.)

Harvard college thesis repository

harvard college thesis repository


harvard college thesis repositoryharvard college thesis repositoryharvard college thesis repositoryharvard college thesis repository