Ghost writer purple monster

Thanks Lycanthrope for the feedback… As a follow up on all of this, I had to go back to SF to get the rest of my stuff and my mom talked to the lady I was staying with to arrange the schedule.. Anyways, the lady can hardly speak English and my mom is the only one who can communicate to her in their native language.  So as they were talking, conincidentally the old lady started saying she can communicate with spirits (no lie)…so that really tripped me out.  Aside from all of this, I am told that it is important to go to church and pray.  Because if not, the spirits feel comfortable inside one's body…. For real though, my parents be clowning me about "Casper the friendly ghost"–it sucks.

Interesting.  You will be supprised to know that "orbs" are actually spirits (angels.)  Different orbs mean different things, they are usually used as little "space crafts" as you may call them, to take thousands of spirits to heaven.  The "orbs" also contain many loving angels to help the spirits on their way to a new dimension.  Pretty unbelieavable stuff, ey!  But it is 100% true.  They are not here to cause evil, but to help guide spirits on their way to the bright, shining world above us.

These children, not from this world, were on a
mission to hide the Crown of Power where no one would ever be able to find it.
Too many had died attempting to steal it and use its powers. The few who had
worn it had suffered terribly. So here they were, in the dungeons of the
castle, where the former owner had lived, the king of this island, so long ago,
to return the crown to where it came from. The only place it would be safe.
Where the roots of the Wilmer tree would grow around it and cover it with the
Bleeding Lavisia and it would never be found again.

Ghost writer purple monster

ghost writer purple monster


ghost writer purple monsterghost writer purple monsterghost writer purple monsterghost writer purple monster