Essays poverty india

india celebrate its 68th independence day .but all indian citizens enjoy the meaning of this indipendence?at % of the indian populations lives below the poverty line .what is the cause?for formality we can say illiteracy,high population or under its not the actual cause ,in our sociaty its a fact that in our
areas a poor family their children follows the system of their parents never goes for a good and developed india we need to conduct awarness programmes in such
rural we need to spend money for it .in our defence fields we spent more money for bada khana and spent more money for the arrangement of programmes for some special officers in this sectors officers are considered like gods and spent money for their facilities , our goverment needs to spent this type of money for the purpose of such awarness programmes .

The focus on individuals is so entrenched, however, that even those who think they’re taking social factors into account usually aren’t. This is as true of Murray’s critics as it is of Murray himself. Perhaps Murray’s greatest single mistake is to misinterpret the failure of federal antipoverty programs. He assumes that federal programs actually target the social causes of poverty, which means that if they don’t work, social causes must not be the issue. But he’s simply got it wrong. Welfare and other antipoverty programs are ‘social’ only in the sense that they’re organized around the idea that social systems like government have a responsibility to do something about poverty. But antipoverty programs are not organized around a sociological understanding of how systems produce poverty in the first place. As a result, they focus almost entirely on changing individuals and not systems, and use the resources of government and other systems to make it happen.

Essays poverty india

essays poverty india


essays poverty indiaessays poverty indiaessays poverty indiaessays poverty india