Essay on rain for children

The magic of "Singin' in the Rain” lives on, but the Hollywood musical didn't learn from its example. Instead of original, made-for-the-movies musicals like this one (and "An American in Paris,” and " The Band Wagon ”), Hollywood started recycling pre-sold Broadway hits. That didn't work, because Broadway was aiming for an older audience (many of its hits were showcases for ageless female legends). Most of the good modern musicals have drawn directly from new music, as " A Hard Day's Night ,” " Saturday Night Fever ” and "Pink Floyd the Wall” did. Meanwhile, "Singin' in the Rain” remains one of the few movies to live up to its advertising. "What a glorious feeling!” the posters said. It was the simple truth.

Also, I had my speaking test today, so I want to share with many students who will take test tomorrow.
In part 1, the questions was about
city/town where I live now...and the other questions(sorry I can't remember at the moment)
Part2 was..'describe a kind of book you like' -why, when did you start to read that kind of book, how often..
Part3 was..about the reading and book (the reason shy people read a book, what are the benefits, what's the government responsibility about public library...etc.)

Essay on rain for children

essay on rain for children


essay on rain for childrenessay on rain for childrenessay on rain for childrenessay on rain for children