Essay gender differences

Sex differences in financial decision making are relevant and significant. Numerous studies have found that women tend to be financially more risk-averse than men and hold safer portfolios . [45] [46] A May 3, 2015 article in the Wall Street Journal by Georgette Jasen reported that "when it comes to investing, men sometimes have their way of doing things, and women have different ways." [47] Scholarly research has documented systematic differences in financial decisions such as buying investments versus insurance, donating to ingroups versus outgroups (such as terrorism victims in Iraq versus USA), spending in stores, [48] and the endowment effect-or asking price for goods people have. [49] The majority of these studies are based on the theory of agency-communion developed by David Bakan in 1966; [50] according to this theory, due to factors such as socialization, males are typically more agentic (focus on self, upside potential, aggressiveness) and females typically more communal (focus on others, downside potential, and nurturing). This framework robustly explains many financial decision making outcomes.

Generally speaking, the physiological factor comes first. According to the modern science research, scientists have found some credible evidence that can explain the difference between men and women in the physiological aspect which finally determines the gender differences in language. The research report shows that men and women tend to use different parts of their brains to learn the language which naturally causes the different use of language. Men's and women's different vocal organs also lead to a significant gender differences in language. Men have a big throat, long vocal cords and the vibration for men is slow, therefore the voice of male is apparently low and vigorous. On the contrary, women have a much higher intonation and tone than men do.

Essay gender differences

essay gender differences


essay gender differencesessay gender differencesessay gender differencesessay gender differences