Dreams and aspirations in life essay

Jody Rosen was less enthusiastic in Rolling Stone . He found it "embarrassing" for Knowles to attempt Erykah Badu -inspired psychedelic-soul on tracks such as "Cosmic Journey", and remained unimpressed by her singing and the record's sound, which he compared to "a woozy lava lamp glow." [46] Caroline Sullivan of The Guardian called its music "savvy R&B with a gloss you can check your reflection in", but ultimately observed "a lack of both memorable tunes and the steely spined ardour that makes Beyoncé so compelling." [4] Sal Cinquemani from Slant Magazine was ambivalent towards its use of sampling on certain songs, but praised "the mix of organic, old-school instrumentation and more electronic elements", which he felt make it "a loose, fun and reverent record." [3] In MSN Music , Robert Christgau gave the album an "honorable mention" and deemed Knowles "privilege's child" who "runs through her options" in a defiant but frothy manner, while naming "Would've Been the One" and "I Decided" as highlights. [58] Vibe ' s Keith Murphy later named Sol-Angel one of the best R&B albums of the year. [59]

Senior at Edina High School, Edina
Maylat Kassa is a State award winner who loves to take advantage of opportunities to learn. She was one of Starkey Hearing Technologies’ first interns, where she worked with electroacoustic, quality, and microelectronics engineers to design a standard Starkey hearing aid. There, she learned about the fundamentals of hearing technology, from the intricate layers of a printed circuit board/PCB to how to use schematic diagram software. At Starkey, she expanded upon her experience gained from PLTW (Project Lead The Way) classes she took at her high school, such as Intro to Engineering Design, Principles of Engineering, and Civil Engineering. Maylat is currently learning how to code in Java in AP Computer Science, and has experience with other coding languages as well. She volunteered at the Veterans Affairs Medical Center where she was involved in a doctor simulation. Working closely with anesthesiologists, EM doctors, and radiologists, who demonstrated the inner workings of medical imaging devices, such as spinal implants and heart monitors. Maylat plans to pursue pre-med and major in biomedical engineering at the University of Pennsylvania and hopes to become a radiologist.

Dreams and aspirations in life essay

dreams and aspirations in life essay


dreams and aspirations in life essaydreams and aspirations in life essaydreams and aspirations in life essaydreams and aspirations in life essay