Dinosaur research paper

Iguanodontids are the subject of continuing research, and feature in the work of many undergraduate and post-graduate students' work. The many bones that have been found tell us that there was more diversity than perhaps once thought. Re-appraisal of existing literature, and fossils held in museums like Dinosaur Isle, are a rich resource that will help us learn not just about the individual dinosaurs, but along with other new environmental evidence and records of trackways may lead us to a greater understanding of the animals social interactions.

The headless Corythosaurus skeleton has been a tourist attraction in Dinosaur Provincial Park since the 1990s. In the early 2010s, a group of scientists noticed newspaper clippings dating back to the 1920s in the debris around the site. Among them was Darren Tanke, technician at the Royal Tyrrell Museum and co-author on the paper, who began to wonder if this skeleton could be related to the skull at the University of Alberta. That was where Bramble and her supervisor Philip Currie came in, along with former post-doctoral fellow Angelica Torices.

8. A claystone very near the top of the Quarry sandstone at DNM that yielded a ± Ma K-Ar date in 1986, gave a ± Ma Ar-Ar date in 1991 (Kowallis, B., et al., 1991, Age of the Brushy Basin Member of the Morrison Formation, Colorado Plateau, Western USA, Cretaceous Research , vol. 12, pp. 483-493). The age of the Morrison Formation has been "the chief point of dispute" for over 70 years as of 1944 (Stokes, W., 1944, Morrison Formation and related deposits in and adjacent to the Colorado Plateau: Geological Society of America Bulletin , vol. 55, pp. 951-992). As of 1998, "one of the significant unresolved problems related to the Morrison Formation is its age, both chronostratigraphically and biostratigraphi-cally" (Kowallis, B., et. al., 1998, The isotopic age of the Morrison Formation in the western interior; final report: in , C. Turner and F. Peterson, eds., Final Report: The Morrison Formation Extinct Ecosystems Project : unpublished report, in cooperation of the National Park Service and the . Geological Survey, pp. 167-200).

Dinosaur research paper

dinosaur research paper


dinosaur research paperdinosaur research paperdinosaur research paperdinosaur research paper