Describe your favorite room essay

Each of these concepts is important in itself, and every one of these virtues is an admirable quality, but when all of them blend together in one person, we discover the value, and power, of chivalry today. Modern-day knights should strive to keep these virtues alive in their own hearts, but, perhaps more importantly, they should work to bring these wonderful qualities out in the people they see every day — at home, in the office, at school or on the street corner. A person who lives by the code of chivalry in today’s world allows everyone to see their best qualities reflected in his or her shining armor.

Very intersting points you make. I always feel a little under prepared when I go in for an interview and I’m glad to have some advice concerning how to go about answering some of the questions interviewers usually ask. Especially with the job market how it is at the moment, it’s great to have a leg up on the competition any way you can and seem to be quite an important aspect of the hiring process. I may even get some of my friends to ask me some sample questions based off of this post to practice for interviews in the future. Great post! Thanks

As I climb slowly higher up the ladder carefully balancing myself, looking up into the lush greenery of the tree, with the warm sunshine on my back & cool breeze on my face, I reach up for the ripe green gables, & gently pull them off. The sound of a distant lawnmower & children’s laughter drifting on the breeze, the hum of a bumble be gets my attention, I watch it briefly. I drop the green gables into my fruit collecting bowl, still balancing myself on the ladder, my mind calmly drifts thoughts of the past come back, some for the future, but mostly they remain in the present, calmly drifting from the scent of the flowers to the voice trying to get my attention, I listen to my mum telling me about how beautiful her roses are this year, while she is trimming them over at the oppersite side of the garden from me. Explaining their colour & fullness & sweet beautiful fragrance. I drift back, back to my feet balancing, back to what it is I’m reaching for, back to my position high up on the ladder reaching for the green gables, back to the warmth on my shoulders from the afternoon sunshine, back to the cool breeze on my face, back to the silent happiness in my chest, peaceful, contented calm, feeling of belonging, of we’re I fit in, knowledge of love, love of we’re I am, my mums lovely voice again, lightly explaining the beauty of her roses ……. love, my mum, my home.

Describe your favorite room essay

describe your favorite room essay


describe your favorite room essaydescribe your favorite room essaydescribe your favorite room essaydescribe your favorite room essay