Connective phrases for essays

An item in the main clause is being compared to an item in the dependent clause, according to the same criterion (standard of measure). In the first example, we and bugs are being compared according to the criterion of snugness . In the second, it and both of us are compared according to size . In the third, he and a large quantity of boas are compared as to “twistiness.” In the fourth, Fang and Miss Hiss are compared according to the standard of playfulness . In the last example, the present aggressiveness of toads in traffic is being compared with the in-traffic aggressiveness of toads in the past.

Consequently, he and his team spent a week looking for the fragments. His team found nothing. Therefore, they made an announcement and asked the public (people) to help search for meteorites in their backyards. Soon a woman called reporting that she had found a large black, metallic rock that had bounced off her roof. For this reason, the team went and checked out "the rock". It was, indeed, a meteorite that had hit her roof. She took a picture of it as a souvenir and then gave the meteorite to the astronomers to allow them to study it. Later, the team returned it to the woman for that reason that she wanted her insurance company to cover (pay for) the damage to her roof.

Connective phrases for essays

connective phrases for essays


connective phrases for essaysconnective phrases for essaysconnective phrases for essaysconnective phrases for essays