All resume paper watermarked

That recruiter gave me bad advice. A solid work history proves you’re a hard worker, even if you’ve worked some positions that aren’t in line with your career. And if you’ve had an unusual job, your resume might stand out and impress someone. For example, my friend used to babysit our mayor’s kids before he was elected. Now she works in advertising, but that job is still listed on her resume. Not only does it show that she has the patience, work ethic, and stamina to deal with kids, but it is a sneaky way of telling advertising firms that she knows the mayor. And in her line of work, having connections can help get you hired.

Hey. I’m 28. I used resume paper a few times in the last few years, just because I miraculously still had a stash laying around after many, many years, and it’s kinda nice to be able to carry a few copies of the resume with you to the interview and know that they will remain crisp and creaseless even when you’re stuffing them into a handbag with all your other junk in it, and running around New York City. Regular printer paper doesn’t hold up as well. I got every job I brought it to, but I’m sure they didn’t hire me due to crisp paper. It’s just ‘nice to have,’ the way a neutral nail polish can be ‘nice to have.’ But I can’t imagine walking into a s Staples and buying any more, it feels so 1999-2001.

All resume paper watermarked

all resume paper watermarked


all resume paper watermarkedall resume paper watermarkedall resume paper watermarkedall resume paper watermarked